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My presenter's directional pad and buttons are not working anymore! What should I do?  Rate it

HiRO presenters are working at the frequency of 2.4GHz.  However, there are other devices that work within this frequency as well, such as cellular phone, cordless phone, or even microwave oven.  Therefore, it is possible that the presenter's link with USB transmitter may be interfered by those neighbors.


The symptom of broken link between presenter and USB transmitter is that all the buttons & directional pad are not functional.  However, the laser pointer should still work because this feature does not require any communication with USB transmitter.  Therefore, please follow the steps below:


(1) Please refer to the following URL to see if the laser pointer is working or not. 


How to activate/deactivate the laser pointer


If the laser pointer is working, please go to the 2nd step.  Otherwise, please contact us at service@hiroinc.com


(2)Please refer to the following URL to re-establish the link:


How to re-establsih the link between presenter & USB transmitter

Can I control two computers with 1 presenter?  Rate it

You can purchase 2 sets of our presenters

1.    Plug in both receivers on both computers and use either 1 of the presenters to control 2 or more computers. (Only w/ factory default channels)
2.    You and your colleague could use both presenters to change pictures at the same time on both computers.

If you donít relink them, both will stay on a factory default channels and youíll be able to control 2 computers using either or both of the presenters.
However, if you found that the presenter is not connecting to the receiver (for some reason, varies) or you donít want each other to be interfered with, youíll need to relink it. (School teachers, for example. Each one using their own presenter at the same time and of course, none of them want to control the otherís computer.)

Once you relink the presenter, youíll lose the sync capability and each presenter will only link to the receiver you relink with.
If you want to be able to control 2 computers or more using one presenter, youíll need to purchase another new set of presenter (set on a default channel) to be able to control 2 computers at the same time.
That is to say, once the connection is reestablished (reset/relink), the channel settings will change and the newly paired presenter and receiver will be set to one of the 65k channels and wonít be able to reset back to factory settings.

Pls note: Once it is relinked, we wonít be able to reset the presenter and receiver back to factory default for you.
Of course, you could send it back to us and we send it back to factory to reset it and send it back to you when done but the cost of shipping and labor and service charge will be much more than just purchase a new set. Hope you understand.

You could purchase from the following link and weíll ship via 1st class USPS to you which takes 5-7 (US) or 15-20 business days to deliver.

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