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General Guideline for HiRO Products  Rate it

My presenter's directional pad and buttons are not working anymore! What should I do?  Rate it

HiRO presenters are working at the frequency of 2.4GHz.  However, there are other devices that work within this frequency as well, such as cellular phone, cordless phone, or even microwave oven.  Therefore, it is possible that the presenter's link with USB transmitter may be interfered by those neighbors.


The symptom of broken link between presenter and USB transmitter is that all the buttons & directional pad are not functional.  However, the laser pointer should still work because this feature does not require any communication with USB transmitter.  Therefore, please follow the steps below:


(1) Please refer to the following URL to see if the laser pointer is working or not. 


How to activate/deactivate the laser pointer


If the laser pointer is working, please go to the 2nd step.  Otherwise, please contact us at service@hiroinc.com


(2)Please refer to the following URL to re-establish the link:


How to re-establsih the link between presenter & USB transmitter

Why does HiRO 802.11n wireless adapter still connect to my wireless N router at only 54Mbps(802.11g mode)?  Rate it

Via 802.11n protocol, Our H50191 is designed to achieve the maximum speed of 300 Mbps, while H50193 & H50194 can get up to 150Mbps. 

Current wireless routers should be designed in “regular” 802.11n mode.  However, please make sure that your 802.11n router is not using the older “draft-N” mode, which sometimes can result in communication problem between wireless network card and router and may result in the connection speed of 54Mbps (802.11g mode).  In addition, due to the router’s MIMO design & the configuration of antenna (it may be running 1x transmit, and 1x receive as there are only 2 antenna shown), it may be more common to see your connection around 150Mbps. 

For either scenario above, you may need to contact your router's manufacturer for more support.

After resolving the issues mentioned above, if the connection speed is still at 54Mbps (802.11g mode), please go into your router setup and change the following security protocols:

1.  Change the security mode from WPA-Personal to WPA- or WPA2-Personal

2.  Change the cipher type from TKIP to TKIP and AES

Save the setup into your router.  You may need to restart the computer afterward.

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