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Windows Fax and Scan does not function with Windows 8.1

First, pls connect the modem to an USB 2.0 port. (Not USB 3.0 since some of the USB 3.0 chipsets are not 100% USB 2.0 backward compatible when using modem)

Win 8.1 FXST30.dll is the problem. Pls download the correct version below and replace it.
You may have to TAKE OWNERSHIP to do so, as this is a system file.

For Win 8.1 32-bit

For Win 8.1 64-bit

The problem, which first surfaced in W8, is caused by a DLL file: FXST30.dll.
To fix the issue, copy the file from a W7 installation or download from, then replace the W8/8.1 FXST30.dll with that file. It resides in C:\Windows\System32.

In order to do so you must first "take ownership" (have permission) of the W8/8.1 file. An easy way to achieve that is to download this, which will create a right-click "take ownership" context menu item. Though the site offers this for "Vista" it's good for W8/8.1 as well.
Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 8.1 8 7,

Once the new file is in place, FAX should work normally. Be aware however that if you run the system file checker (SFC), the bad file will be restored, so keep the W7 DLL on hand.

**Alternative way to resolve the issue, pls connect your H50113 Ext. USB modem to an USB 2.0 port directly. Download the file and paste it to C:\Windows\System32\ folder

In order to do so you must first "take ownership" (have permission) of the W8/8.1 file.
Grant Permissions to everyone.
a. Go to C:\Windows\System32 and then right click on System32 folder and choose properties.
b. Then go to security tab and click on advanced
c. now click on Find Now and choose everyone and click Ok.
d. Then again click Ok and now click on Allow => Full control => Ok.
Copy the downloaded FXST30.dll file and paste it into the System32 folder.
Restart the computer and perform Windows Fax and Scan to test sending and receiving function.

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